Whitening Grout & Tile Marker
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    Whitening Grout & Tile Marker


      This water-resistant whitening marker is the perfect tool to bring back the original colour to your discoloured grout. Perfect for revamping your kitchen or bathrooms. Say goodbye to grimy grout!


      • Use: Use in the bathroom kitchen and other areas. Suitable for restoring grout lines on glazed ceramic, porcelain and other non-porous wall and floor tiles.
      • Quick-drying: It dries quickly to cover grout with permanent paint.
      • Odourless: Odourless with no ventilation required for drying
      • Water-resistant Paint: This marker is water-resistant that works just like a normal pen to recolour the discoloured grout.
      • High-quality Fibre Tip: Easy to use with a replaceable fibre tip.
      • Triple Protection: Repels, kills and prevents mould effectively. Apply on clean and dry surfaces.
      • Material: Durable plastic body.
      • Long-Lasting: One pen will cover up to 175 feet of the grout.
      • Colour: White
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