Washing Machine Hair Catcher
Washing Machine Hair Catcher
Washing Machine Hair Catcher
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    Washing Machine Hair Catcher


      This washing machine hair catcher absorbs hair and debris, making clothes cleaner and prevents your machine from getting blocked.  


      • Use: Helps to remove hair and debris from clothing as well as prevent the washing machine or tumble dryer from getting blocked, extending the life of your machine.
      • Design: Has a plum-shaped net that keeps this catcher suspended in the middle of the washing machine, absorbing hair, paper, etc.
      • Reusable: Recyclable and reusable many times.
      • Detergent Holder: Can also be used as a container for laundry detergent or powder that uniformly dissolves in water during washing.
      • Easy to Use & Effective: Just add to your wash or drying cycle, remove and clean debris afterwards.
      • Material: Polyester net and plastic body.
      • Size: Upper cap 6.5 cm W x 4 cm H, diameter 9 cm, length 15 cm.
      • Colour: Blue, green or pink.
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