Vacuum Bags (3 pack)
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    Vacuum Bags (3 pack)

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      Time to stash away your winter wardrobe and transform your wardrobe for spring!
      These vacuum bags are an excellent space-saving solution for clothes, bedding, coats, towels and soft toys. You wouldn’t believe how much these bags decrease the size of your items! Great to use at home and for travel.


      • Use: Used to compress and store blankets, duvets, quilts, curtains, pillows, clothes and more.
      • Airtight: Have high-quality airtight technology to prevent your packed items from dust & microbial growth.
      • Space Saving: Great for long term storage and minimising space for travel.
      • Easy to Use: Extremely easy to use, open the bag, store whatever you need to, close the bag, and vacuum it up.
      • Reusable: Made of durable and sturdy material that can be used for several times.
      • Accessible to Store: Can be rolled up for secure storage.
      • Material:  Plastic
      • Colour: Transparent
      • Size: Available in 2 sizes:
        • 50cm x 70cm (L x W).
        • 90cm x120cm (L x W).
      • Caution: To avoid damage, please do not open the package with sharp knives or scissors.


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