Triple Headed Tile Grout Brush
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    Triple Headed Tile Grout Brush


      This triple-headed brush is the perfect accessory for cleaning the grout between tiles in the kitchen and bathroom,  either on your walls or floor, reducing mould and grime build-up.


      • Use: Not only used to clean between tiles, but also to clean any other small and intricate spaces such as around sockets, taps etc.
      • Fast Cleaning: Both the ergonomic grip shape and the bristles are optimised for smooth, quick and easy cleaning.
      • Safe & Hygienic: The colour variation makes it easier to assign each brush type to a different application to prevent cross-contamination and bacteria spreading.
      • Easy to Clean: Clean your brush with hot soapy water.
      • Material: Made from pollution-free ABS plastic handles and polypropylene bristles.
      • Colour: White
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