Silicone Toe Alignment Support
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    Silicone Toe Alignment Support


      These toe alignment supports helps to prevent friction and avoid callouses and corns. They also help to spread toes wider and aim to realign toes to their natural position. Great for wearing under socks to protect against discomfort, pressure, and inflammation.


      • Use: Wear these soles with all kind of shoes - -sandals, heels, boots, trainers etc.
      • Anti-slip: These are anti-slip and easy to put on & take off.
      • Easy to Clean: Wipe or rinse with warm soapy water.
      • Material: Silicone material enriched with mineral oils and aloe vera. Made from superior quality and extra-durable material.
      • Size: Universally fit size.
      • Colour: Transparent white
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