Silicone Oven Bread Maker
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    Silicone Oven Bread Maker


      This multipurpose silicone bread maker is ideal for baking bread. Use it to knead the bread and bake it in the oven, reducing your washing up!


      • Use: The bread maker allows steam to circulate inside, making the dough moist and preventing the bread from drying out.
      • Side Opening: The side openings allow hot air circulation, giving the bread a crusty and golden texture.
      • Temperature Range: Can withstand temperature range up to 250 degrees Celsius.
      • Easy to Clean: Wipe or rinse with a dishwasher.
      • Reusable: Repeated usage and washing cycles do not affect the non-stick properties of the bread maker.
      • Material: Made of silicone.
      • Colour: Black.
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