Reflex Boxing Exercise Ball
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    Reflex Boxing Exercise Ball

      This reflex boxing exercise ball is guaranteed to keep you fit, alert and provide hours of fun. Great for improving a range of skills including reflexes, concentration and speed, for adults and kids. No need for a personal trainer!


      • Use: This boxing ball on a string is a fun alternative to shadow boxing and keeps your concentration levels high while burning and toning your arms. 
      • Lightweight:  A huge benefit is that it is lightweight and easily packable. You can take it to the gym, park, the beach or you could even use it on your work break.
      • Comfortable & Adjustable: It has a soft adjustable headband so that it is suitable for both adults and children.
      • Sports Training: It would be a great asset to many sports training routines such as boxing, MMA/any combat sport, tennis or baseball where hand-eye coordination plays a big part in the game.
      • Great for Kids Excellent choice for increasing kids eye-hand coordination, reflexes, agility while enjoying themselves.
      • Safe to Use: The ball is so soft and squishy, it may hit your face but will never hurt.
      • Size: Ball diameter 0.6 cm; headband length 6.8 cm & width 3.8 cm, 
      • Colour: Black headband and red ball.
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