Magnetic Therapy Massage Insoles
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    Magnetic Therapy Massage Insoles


      These magnetic therapy massage insoles help reduce foot pain, heel pain, arch pain and foot odour. They stimulate pressure points on the sole and naturally elevate pain and discomfort caused by everyday life.


      • Acupuncture Benefits: The eight magnets are arranged to follow by acupuncture point theory, whilst relaxing your muscles and providing ongoing pain relief. Designed to stimulate points of acupuncture relating to the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys and bladder. Proven to improve metabolism and help with weight management.
      • Anti-sweat: There are numerous breathable holes in the bottom of the insole to prevent sweat, and athlete's foot.
      • Anti-slip: The insole has anti-slip bumps on the front and back of the insole that effectively prevent the foot from slipping.
      • Durable: High quality, durable, soft and comfortable insoles. Can be cleaned with water and reused many times.
      • Material: Medical silicone and magnetic elements.
      • Size: 5cm x 9cm (can cut to size).
      • Length: 27 cm.
      • Colour: White.
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