Magnetic Mesh Door Screens
Magnetic Mesh Door Screens
Magnetic Mesh Door Screens
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    Magnetic Mesh Door Screens


      The Magnetic Door Screen neatly solves the problem of allowing fresh air to circulate through open doors without allowing irritating insects entry. Just a gentle push on the screen and it opens to allow entry/exit then securely closes with the magnetic fasteners incorporated.


      • No More Insects or Flies: Enjoy a bug free environment every time thanks to the Magnetic Mesh Door Screen! Let fresh air pass through your home without worrying about mosquitoes, flies or any critters getting in.
      • Easy To Close : Thanks to the magnetic edges, the two curtains close together automatically. The screen is windproof and very durable and leaves very little change for insects to pass through but at the same time remaining very easy for you to come and go.
      • Multi functional : The Magnetic Door Screen is ideal for single doors, sliding doors, campers and RVs. In addtion the screen is also for pets too! You wont need to create a Dog/Cat flap for your pets to continue to pass through.
      • East To Install: The Magnetic Door Screen is easy to install with no need for screws, nails or any other tools.


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