Luggage Scales with Tape Measure
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    Luggage Scales with Tape Measure


      This handy luggage scale with tape measure will help you avoid expensive surprises by weighing your luggage before you get to the airport. Excellent for those people who travel on budget airlines with strict luggage guidelines.   


      • Use: Ideal for weighing and measuring luggage as well as many other household items.
      • Tape Measure: It comes with a 1 metre built-in tape measure allowing you to make sure that your suitcase complies with the dimensions requirements for airline travel.
      • Comfortable Handle: It comes with a convenient handle that makes weighing bags a breeze.
      • No Batteries: Long-lasting, without the need for external power.
      • Simple to Use: The dial features two needles, one of which locks in place to give you a consistent measurement that’s as easy to read as it is accurate.
      • Convenient: This lightweight device is small enough to slip into your carry-on luggage without forcing you to leave things behind on your flight home.
      • Material: Plastic and metal.
      • Weighing Capacity: 32 g.
      • Colour: Black and white combination.
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