Invisible Breast Lifting Bras
Invisible Breast Lifting Bras
Invisible Breast Lifting Bras

    Invisible Breast Lifting Bras


      The innovative adhesive bra of bunny ear design with professional fitting offers the ultimate support, lifting your breasts and creating natural cleavage. The first choice for backless dresses, off shoulder gowns, halter dress, wedding gown, low-cut outfits, prom or any formal evening dress. 


      • Instant Breast Lifts: The invisible breast lifting bra is an amazing beauty solution, giving your bust an instant lift. The adhesive bra simply sticks to your bust and lift the breasts from the top, giving your breasts a perkier, more youthful appearance. If you have uneven breasts (which is more common than you think) they can be used to adjust your breasts to make the nipples level, and the breasts appear even.
      • Comfort, Support & Freedom! : Wearing Invisible Breast Lifting Bras helps you eliminate deep ravines in shoulders and guarantee shoulder comfort. Made of premium sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive, our strapless bra sticks on perfectly for all day long.
      • Seamless & Invisible: When your outfit of choice is strapless or revealing around the bust area, you might have difficulty concealing a bra. This effective option gives you the support you desire while staying invisible.
      • Easy-Cleaning & Reusable: The better you take care of it, the longer it'll last. We recommend that you wash the bra using only mild soap under running water after each wear. Rub the adhesive surface lightly with your fingers and then rinse the bra cups thoroughly with water. Air dry completely. Reattach original protective plastic on each cup and put them in a bag for next use.
      • Sizing : 
        Small : 9.3cm x 15.5cm (A/B Cup)
        Large : 11cm x 17cm (C/D cup)


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