Dust Brush Head Vacuum Attachment
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    Dust Brush Head Vacuum Attachment


      This dust brush head vacuum comes with 30 tiny tubes helping you reach the places a standard attachment would not be able to reach. Great for keyboards, shutters, vents, drawers, jewellery boxes, cars, window blinds and furniture.


      • Use: Innovative dust removal tool used to clean intricate objects a standard hoover attachment cannot reach.
      • Strong Suction: Strongly suck out all the dust from small gaps, even places a feather duster or cloth cannot reach.
      • Material: Made with flexible plastic material with micro-size suction tubes. 
      • Suitable for: 35 mm inner diameter vacuum cleaner.
      • Size: 9 cm long attachment and 33 cm long when fully assembled.
      • Colour: White brush head with the grey handle.
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