Glass Nail File
Glass Nail File
Glass Nail File
Glass Nail File
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    Glass Nail File


      This glass nail file helps to give you a smooth & gentle filing experience that glides across the nail, with zero irritating scraping sensation. Great for shaping the nails with comfort, ease & efficiency.


      • Use: It provides a gentle grit that seals the keratin layers together at the nails edge, leaving nails smooth with no jagged edges. Unlike other files, it files nails in both directions.
      • Healthy Nails: Regular & long-term use strengthens & hardens nails while reducing nail splitting, chipping & peeling. It allows you to grow long, healthy, beautiful nails!
      • Fungus and Bacteria-free: Their non-porous glass surface prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria & fungus, therefore safe and healthy to use. 
      • Portable Design: Portable design with a hard protective case. Ideal for storing your file in your purse or bag. Keep your file close by & always be prepared for emergency nail snags, accidental chips & breaks.
      • Washable: Easy to wash & disinfect in between uses.
      • Material: Made from genuine ‘Bohemian’ glass, tempered (toughened) to ensure the file is strong enough.
      • Colour: Red, blue, grey and purple.
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