Double Ended Blemish Remover
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    Double Ended Blemish Remover


      This double-ended blemish remover helps you to deal with irritating blemishes and keep your skin looking clear. Ideal tool for banishing pimples, with a lower chance of inflammation and infections using your hands.


      • Use: Hygienically remove whiteheads and blackheads without scarring your complexion. Use after a warm shower or bath, or after steaming the face when the skin is softer, and the pores are open.
      • Dual-action: This tool features a small loop for whiteheads and a flat side to extract blackheads. It quickly removes blemishes, pimples, and other impurities without causing excess irritation.
      • Hygienic: This blemish remover is tarnish-resistant and easy to disinfect. Ensure you wash it before and after use.
      • Non-slip Handle: Easy to hold and use with firm grip due to non-slip handle.
      • Material: Surgical grade stainless steel material and designed for the highest durability and streamlined use.
      • Size: 13.5 cm in length.
      • Colour: Silver.
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