Silicone Baking Boundary
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    Silicone Baking Boundary


      This silicone baking boundary helps you to create cakes and bakes into different shapes. Create over 50 different shapes, numbers, letters and figures!  Great British Bake Off eat your heart out!


      • Use: Simply place the silicone boundary inside a baking tray with your desired shape and spoon your mixture into the mould.
      • No Greasing: No need to grease the mould or use baking paper.
      • Easy to Store: Can be rolled up to easily fit into your drawer or cabinet, unlike most other bakeware.
      • Flexible and Light: This baking mould is flexible and light enough to be mould into lots of different intricate shapes.
      • Temperature Range: Can be used at a temperature ranging from -40 to 250°C. Suitable for freezing and baking.
      • Easy to Clean: Wipe or rinse with warm water or pop in your dishwasher.
      • Reusable: Repeated usage and washing cycles do not affect the non-stick properties of the flexible baking boundary.
      • Material: Made from silicone.
      • Colour: Red.


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