3D Sleep Mask
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    3D Sleep Mask


      This 3D sleep mask is the most comfortable eyes mask, allowing free movement of the eye and adjustable shape around the nose to keep the light out. Great for different medical conditions including, insomnia, dry-eyes suffering, migraines, etc. and the related diseases. Composed of natural silk fibres that are breathable and keeps dry air out.


      • 3D Design: Best for a comfortable fit and free movement of eyes. The 3D design fits around the nose and prevents the dry air from coming inside.
      • Adjustable: It is easy-to-adjust sleep mask that won’t tangle hair or snag pillows. Good fit for side sleepers.
      • Quality:  Consist of anti-bacterial, anti-mite and high-quality fabric that helps you fall asleep quickly with good and sound sleep.
      • Soft: The composition material is a super soft silk that allows comfortable feel while wearing. It is compatible with headphones and facial masks as well.
      • Use: Can be used for total blackout, either at home or during travelling. It is the must-have travel accessory to help you feel good and refreshed.
      • Material: Natural silk fibres and elastic headband.
      • Size: Adjustable from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches Approx.
      • Colour: Plain Black
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