3-in-1 Soil Tester for Plants
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    3-in-1 Soil Tester for Plants


      This 3-in-1 Soil Tester helps you to check on the condition of your indoor and outdoor plants, by testing the soils moisture, pH, and light levels. Great for guidance as to whether your plant's soil is too dry and needs water or it is wet and could use a day to dry out. You will never over/under water your plants again! This tester contains two stainless steel rods and a meter head that has a convenient application.


      • Accurate Results: This plant tester gives actual and highly précised results. You can get the precise value immediately.
      • Promote Healthy Plants: Promote healthy plants, by helping you maintain the health and quality of your green nursery.
      • Compact and Portable: Soil tester let you know when to water, adjust pH, or change lighting for your plants.
      • Rapid Respond: There are 3-calibration tables, quick reading helps you to control sunlight and moisture needs as well as the pH level in the soil.
      • Use: It is convenient to use for indoor, outdoor, or in your greenhouse. No battery needed, plug probe into your soil and instantly get an accurate and precise reading which helps your plants keep in good condition.
      • Material: Contains plastic body and steel probes.
      • Size: 2 x 20 cm probe and a light sensor.
      • Colour: Comes with a green body and silver probes.
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