PM2.5 Filter Mask with Activated Carbon Non Woven Fabric
PM2.5 Filter Mask with Activated Carbon Non Woven Fabric

    PM2.5 Filter Mask with Activated Carbon Non Woven Fabric

      This multi-purpose filter mask is effective for times like today. Its universal size makes it suitable for everyone. 
      • Unisex Universal Size - Comfortable face shaped design to fit around your nose and mouth. It has a aluminum strip at the top prevent slipping and velcro adjustable sides. Suitable for people who would prefer not to have straps around their ears. 
      • Material - The dust mask is made of activated carbon non woven fabric, comfortable to wear for protecting the face.  It also has good wind-proof and dust-proof qualities.
      • Unique Ventilation Design - Mouth have ventilation holes and a double air valve to help you breath easier and freely when out and about and riding you bike. 
      • Excellent Filtration -  5 layers filter cotton, it can isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, exhaust, smog, fumes, PM 2.5 and particulates
      • Multi-purpose - Suitable for pollen season and outdoor activities such as running, jogging, biking, cycling, riding, hiking, skiing, snowboarding

       For info on how to care for your mask click here to see our FAQs

      These are not medical grade face masks. The latest advice from the ECDC states that medical masks should be prioritised for health workers. They suggest that non-medical masks, like the ones we sell at Niftii, can help "reduce the spread of coronavirus by minimising the excretion of respiratory droplets from those who are infected". They are advising people to wear these when "visiting busy, closed spaces, such as grocery stores or using public transport".  For more information you can visit the ECDC website or visit our info page here. 

      Shipped for London, UK. We do not ship from China. 

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